Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me. At a Water Park.

We have a water park by our house that has been around since I was a teenager.
I used to avoid it in high school because it meant that I had to walk around in a bathing suit with all of my less chubby friends.
I'd gone a couple of times, but not quite as much as my Husband.
He had a season pass almost every year, so he has great childhood memories of summer days at the park.
I kind of just assumed that our kids would grow up spending their days there as well.
Until the word came that it was closing due to an endlessly increasing land lease.
So we scored some passes (for free) for one last trip to the water park.
We took the big kids (who are 3 and 4), and left littlest man at home.
And I spent the whole day in my bathing suit.
As in walking around, uncovered, in my bathing suit.

And I was a little bit uncomfortable.
But for the most part, proud of myself for who I am now.
Because although I know that it was not a pretty sight, I didn't really care as much.
I was there to let my kids make a memory.
And that meant way more to me than worrying about how I looked at the water park.