Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My Husband is rad.
He cooks me meals (not all, but a lot).
He encourages me when I really want  a diet coke or a cookie.
He makes time for me to workout.
He does the grocery shopping so that I don't have to be strong in the bakery.

He is rad.
And it's a good thing that I have him, because other people can be mean.
They try to sabotage efforts.
They say things that hurt to the core.

Other (weight loss) bloggers think they know it all.
That they have all the answers.
That because something worked for them it's the only answer.
But they're wrong.

Because, you guys.
I feel like I've tried it all, and nothing seems to be working.
I've counted calories and trained for a half marathon.
I've done boot camp.
I just started Crossfit and switched to a Paleo diet.
And nothing seems to be working.
Sure, I feel better.
But my clothes still fit.
And the scale?
It likes the same old number.
Which is TOO MUCH.

At what point do you stop calling it consistency and start calling it insanity?

Really, I'm asking.