Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The happenings

Here's the happenings around here. (don't you love my grammar?)

A whole lot of baking.

Not as much running as there should be. But I'm supposed to do 5 miles this Saturday! Yikes!

I started trying out the strong lifts program. You know how after you do a lot of squats you can hardly even sit on the toilet the next day? Yeah. That.

Trying to get this girl on some kind of sleep schedule, while trying to get all three other kids to their respective rightful places each day. Because waking up all night long simply isn't fun anymore.

And still counting calories with MyFitnessPal. Wishing that chocolate chip cookies didn't count in the daily total. Because I could eat my weight in them. And over the past couple of weeks I probably have.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3.8, but really 4 miles

I headed out Saturday morning for a 4 mile run (even though my training plan only called for 3), and somehow only ended up going 3.8. Even after extending the run when I realized I was going to come up short.

Please tell me how this happens when you run the exact same route that was 4.1 miles by GPS the week prior.

Regardless of the .3 mile discrepancy, it was nice to get out of the house with just my shoes and my music (and the new fuel belt that Husband got me for Mother's day).

I'm still super slow, and I don't really know if that's going to change any time soon.
There are days that I'm okay with it, and days that I'm super frustrated.
But I keep getting out there and running, so at least I can say that.

I signed up for the Joggermom marathon again this year, so I have to get in my 26.2 miles by the end of the month, and I got off to a slow start. I have lots of ground to make up, but with my saturday long runs getting longer, I think that I should be okay.

13 miles down, 13.2 (but really 12.9) to go!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


*insert whining and complaining here*

I realize  that I have been absent. Adrienne continues to remind me to update my blog.
But I just can't find the motivation to do it.

In my time of absence, I have managed to lose more weight, bringing my total to about 17 pounds. I am chipping away slow and steady.
The re-entry of sugar and flour in to my diet really affected my weight loss, and I've had a hard time getting back on track.

My baby wants to be held all the time. Always. Which I'm trying to cherish because I know she'll be my last one, but sometimes a girl just wants her space. And I know that sounds horrible and selfish, and I'm really sorry. But I'm just trying to keep it real here.

I did another 5K on Sunday, and am just feeling super frustrated with my fitness level. I'm not getting any faster, and while my legs feel great while I'm running, my heart rate gets up over 200 really quickly. I'm really starting to worry that I won't be able to do my half marathon.