Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My Husband is rad.
He cooks me meals (not all, but a lot).
He encourages me when I really want  a diet coke or a cookie.
He makes time for me to workout.
He does the grocery shopping so that I don't have to be strong in the bakery.

He is rad.
And it's a good thing that I have him, because other people can be mean.
They try to sabotage efforts.
They say things that hurt to the core.

Other (weight loss) bloggers think they know it all.
That they have all the answers.
That because something worked for them it's the only answer.
But they're wrong.

Because, you guys.
I feel like I've tried it all, and nothing seems to be working.
I've counted calories and trained for a half marathon.
I've done boot camp.
I just started Crossfit and switched to a Paleo diet.
And nothing seems to be working.
Sure, I feel better.
But my clothes still fit.
And the scale?
It likes the same old number.
Which is TOO MUCH.

At what point do you stop calling it consistency and start calling it insanity?

Really, I'm asking.


Chubby McGee said...

I have beeeeeen here. I have posted the same stuff. Goodness Lordy!

This weight loss stuff is NOT easy. Nope. Not. At. All.

The only thing you can do (when the going gets tough - as it is right now - and you feel so stuck and frustrated) is to keep on going. Eventually, something will click and move and the numbers will go down.

In the interim, just enjoy feeling healthier and enjoy that buzz you get from knowing you pushed yourself harder than you could have before. That's what I do. My weight is not just melting off of me week by week. I can't figure out the whole math thing when I eat 1300 cals a day and the scale drops down only, like, two tenths of a pound after seven days. It's SOOOO annoying. So I just slough it off (even though I have days when I'm cursing at the skies in frustration...which is normal) and I just. keep. going.

It's all we can do. It isn't insanity. It's just perseverance and dedication. ;)

P.S. I love the hell out of my husband, but he's still the most frustrating part of my weight loss regime. I wanted to blog about him again the other day, but I figured I've already ruined his image in the minds of my readers about his behavior(s). Haha! You are super lucky to have that awesome dude to help you and to guide you and not sabotage and scoff at you. Soooooo lucky!

Valerie said...

I'm so glad your husband is supportive. And I so feel where you're at, because I'm there, or worse. And I don't know that anything we can say will make you feel better, or that anyone has that "magic" piece of advice that will get things moving again for you. I guess all I'll say is:

(1) I get it, and hopefully knowing you're not alone helps.
(2) Not giving up, continuing to try, that's not insanity and it's the ONLY thing that will ultimately result in success.
(3) Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you would a friend in the same situation.

Adrienne said...

I agree that what works for one person might not always work for everyone. I also think that what worked once for us might not work again sometimes. We just have to keep trying until we find what works. No crazy extreme diets or anything but healthy ways. You are doing it though. Paleo didn't work for me either. Maybe it's not the amount of calories but the type of calories? I know people that don't count calories and eat only "clean" food, works for them, not for me. Some people on MFP sware by eating 2,000 calories and building mad muscle mass and NOT looking at the scale. They hate the scale but wear a size 4. Not for me (right now) but maybe someday I'll try that. I admire you're determination and that you keep trying and that you CARE. I love how sweet your man is! Major points!! :)

Ashley Gregg said...

Hey Kendra,

Not sure if this would be helpful or not, but, at least for me, after I had Hannah I was soooo frustrated because no matter how hard I tried nothing would work! I remember every one telling me I should lose weight really quick because I was nursing etc. Not the case at all. I couldn't lose a not a single one, not even a little bit. It wasn't until she was about a year and a half that I began to lose weight. It wasn't that anything I was doing changed...I honestly think something must have changed hormonally. I wasn't nursing anymore, and I was sleeping a lot better. As I began to lose pounds it kind of snowballed and just continued.

I obviously had to work hard to lose the weight, but my advice would be to give yourself somewhat of a break since your littles isn't even a year yet.

The only other thing that was immensely helpful was the book "The Female Body Breakthrough." I started doing her workouts and applied her nutrition principles and saw some of the quickest and most significant results. Now that I've reached my goal I've been reading Bethenny Frankel's "Naturally Thin." (Reading a book always helps things sink in for me)

I hope this helps. I'm always here to chat about stuff like this. I have A LOT of sympathy because I know exactly how you feel. It took me almost two years to complete, but I've lost 40 pounds since the day I started. Try reading The Female Body would compliment the Paleo diet really nicely.


Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

He is rad, but only because you are rad.

Clydesdale Jogger said...

It's only insanity if you keep trying the SAME things and expect different results. And it appears to me that you are trying different things, trying to find what works. We all do. Some have figured it out early, some never will, but the point is to keep seeking!

I don't comment here very often, but I do stop by from time to time, because your determination is an inspiration. That exercise in avoiding refined flour and sugar was an amazing thing to watch you go through. And that's what I like about your blog. You don't don't stop searching. You have your successes and you have your rough spots, but then you write about it and that is a big part of the search. You do it with every post to this blog. If you had truly stopped, you wouldn't have started blogging again.

It is very frustrating. We all know that. It is very hard to keep on task and keep searching. We all reach our point of burn out and have to step back. And if that's where you are now, all the power to you! But it is not insanity. It is a journey (as trite as that label might be).

And I realize that with this contribution I may sound like one of those bloggers that "have all the answers." I don't. I only know my experience. But my experience has included reading your blog. And I wouldn't read an insane blog.

Unknown said...

I LOVE your turtle!!! And, I totally get where you are. All I can say is keep on keepin on! You are doing great! Your perservance is so inspiring to me. This is the first time I've been here, but I will be back. :-)

Unknown said...

I LOVE your turtle!!! And I totally get where you are. All I can say is keep on keepin on. You are doing great! Your perservance is inspiring to me. This is the first time I've been here, but I will be back. :-)

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