Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bikini Ready?

Me? No way.
I have never been bikini ready.

Even at my lightest weight, when I felt the most beautiful (which was my honeymoon, by the way) I never felt bikini ready.
And now? I laugh. Out loud. At the thought of me going to the pool this summer with my littles.

Four kids in 5 years, an eating problem and some major junk in the trunk.
Totally not swimsuit material.

And then I came across Project Real.

And I was inspired.
And maybe a little envious.
That these women could be so comfortable in their suits that it would be nationally publicized.
That they put themselves out there for the world to see.

And when I see them?
I see strong, confident, beautiful women.
Not curvy girls in swimsuits.

So why is my own reflection so much different?


Adrienne said...

Totally cute swim suits they have!! I have one like the very first photo, but never wear it with out bottoms. Then it's not even cute. LOL I suppose if I get a tan, I can EMBRACE my curves this summer! Awesome post. You should do it, and take a pic and post it!!

Kimberlynn said...

I love it!!! These women are BEAUTIFUL!!! Last year I wouldn't let anyone see me in my swimsuit. This year I'm feeling a litte bit more confident (even though I still have 50+ pounds to lose) and have finally let others see me. It was a big step!

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

what you see in these women, "strong, confident, beautiful women" is what I see when I look at you in your swim suit. Get out there and rock your suit!

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