Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love...

I love that these little piggies are patient enough to accompany me on a 2.5 mile walk.

I love that Husband did some grocery shopping this weekend and loaded me up with these.

I love that the kids think that these are dessert. (And I'm totally not against bribing)

I love that when I'm pregnant I'm allowed to buy dill pickles.

And I love that its just about summer time, which means flip flops, salads, and sleeping in.

What do you love?


Kelly said...

Know what else I love about babies/kids? That absolutely heartfelt belly laugh that they give. It cracks me up every time. Love it.

Congrats by the way!!

Ana said...

I love sand between our toes, ocean breezes that do not need rain jackets, and the smell of sunscreen and sunshine in my son's hair :) I love it!!

Colleen said...

Summer is the best!

We're loving the strawberries for dessert too! :)

Adrienne said...

I love my husband boys and the beach! oh and disneyland. :)

my3loves said...

Am laughing as I read your post... I have ALL of the same in my fridge. Been loving the fresh fruit & been craving tuna w/ pickles. Too funny!

Nancy M said...

Well, I think I may just need to make some tuna salad myself now. That looks yummy! :)

I love eating lunch or dinner on the back patio, hearing the chirping birds, sleeping with the window open, reading books in bed while sipping hot tea, salted ripe tomatoes, long hikes, picnics at the beach, raspberries in greek yogurt, guilty pleasure tv, and the Coppertone smell (like someone else mentioned).


Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

I love you. :)

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