Saturday, November 10, 2012


I get it.
There is some kind of crazy cliche in the (fitblogging) universe about people that don't blog for a while falling off the wagon and gaining weight.
But that's totally not me.

I just haven't had much to say.
I've been super busy trying to focus on my four kids.
Going to crossfit four times a week.
Trying to figure out some paleo snacks that are grab and go.

Trying to balance working out and doing what's best for our family.

And then I got to thinking about how every single weekend we have about 5 places to be and we're never home long enough to do the dirty dishes that are piled up in the sink.
And what's going to happen when the littles get bigger and we have 10 more places to be?
I want our kids to be well rounded and active, but I don't quite know how to balance all of the activities along with the rest of our crazy schedule.

But I'm still here, trucking along.
Eating paleo.

Being distracted.

Missing box jumps. (which I would really not recommend)


Adrienne said...

Girl friend! Jump boxes! you are amazing. even for trying. keep it up mama. we all need to figure all this out. ;)

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