Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here it is. My new accountability partner.
I’ve tried to be accountable to myself, but I’m kind of forgiving.
I’ve tried to be accountable to my husband, but he kind of lets me off the hook a lot.
So I’ll be accountable here. And to anyone who wants to listen.
I need to get healthy. In a BIG way. I recently started running (very slowly) and I joined Weight Watchers, again. Because I need to lose weight and set a good example for my kids, who watch everything I do. So this is the start of my journey. Thanks for joining me.


Weightless said...

Getting started was the hardest part for me. To hold myself accountable, facebooked my intentions. I felt that telling EVERYONE I knew would help and it did. Then I moved in to the blog world because I felt I might be sharing *too* much with the world of facebook. I love my blog, it holds me accountable because I post as much as possible. I use it as a tool, I share with those interested and encourage others as much as I can via the internet. I shared many of your concerns when I first started, I'm sure. Best Wishes, and again thanks for visiting my blog. =)

Kimberlynn said...

I just recently started a blog for the very same reasons. It's helped me out so much. I'm glad I came across your blog and am glad to be a follower.

Oh, and by the way, I think being a turtle in this race is the only way to go!!!


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