Sunday, August 29, 2010

Status Quo

So, I had my weigh in yesterday and it seems as though I am remaining as is for this week.

I was kind of bummed because I have ONE POUND until I reach my 10%... at which point I get my first big reward. One stinking pound.

I thought for sure it would happen this week, but apparently the effort that I put it was not enough. (I wonder if the Caramel Bugles had anything to do with it?)

I'm anticipating a rough week this week, since we're having a little "staycation", but I'm still going to try!


Weightless said...

Do you always do your weigh-in's on Sunday? I do mine on Tuesday because I tend to eat heavier on the weekends and get bloated. That's just me though.

Plan your meals and think about any struggles that may arise during your stay-cation. Try to make a plan so you can be successful. God Bless :)

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