Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All You Can Eat

Tonight we went for all-you-can-eat salad and pizza at a local restaurant. I was totally aiming to go heavy on the salad and super light, if at all, on the pizza.

So we arrived at the restaurant, got all settled in, and I went to fill my salad plate. I made my usual salad (lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, bell pepper, a pinch of cheese, and raisins) and went back to the table to enjoy.

Pretty soon the pizza started calling screaming my name, and the next thing I knew I had consumed 3 pieces of pizza (at least they were small?) and 2 cinnamon twists. Yikes.

I somehow made it home and in to my pajamas without the workout that I had intended for tonight.

Needless to say, I'm super disappointed about the choices that I made today.

All I can do is start over tomorrow.


Jocelyn said...

Hi, Thanks for coming to visit our blog Strength and Beauty. I'm glad that my post today was of some encouragement to you. We actually have a group that meets every other Thursday to try and encourage each other. One of our favorite sayings and means of encouragement and motivation is to say don't continually run over the mailbox. In life, if we were to back over the mailbox, we wouldn't pull forward and back over it again and again and again, we would get out of the car, assess the damages and then move on....it's the same with our "mistakes" in maintaining a healthier lifestyle as well. Don't continually back over the mailbox with the attitude of I ate the pizza now I don't see a point in working out. Work out anyway and try to burn off those pieces of pizza =) I'm glad you found us. I too just started my own personal accountability blog. You can check it out if you would like. mydailybreadjournal.com Basically, I'm logging all my food here including any "small cheats" or "blt"'s as others call them (bites, licks, tastes). Anything and everything that passes my lips is chronicled on my blog. I started it yesterday...but I'm also posting healthy recipes when I try something new that I like. Sorry this was so long, but I feel that I have struggled my entire life with starting and quitting. I love what you said about unpacking and holding your chin high because finishing last is DEFINITELY better than quitting. I love it!!! Thanks for reading. :)

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