Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Less Than

I've been struggling lately.
A lot.
Four kids is hard times.
And I know that I have done nothing but complain about it, and I'm sorry, but this is where I am.

And I can't help but wonder how every body else does it. Because, surely, I am not the only one with four kids.
But I can't seem to find the time to clean the house, or do the crafting, or make it to the store with all the children in tow.

So you can imagine, that when I saw the Valentines baskets at school, and they were filled with things like this...

I felt a little bit less than.
Less than the mom who has enough energy to put so much effort in to a Valentine for my kid at school.
When all that I got around to was tearing off the card and getting the kid to sign their name.
Less than the mom who can make a Costco run with all four kids in tow.
Less than the mom who can decorate the house for whichever holiday is coming up next.
And less than the mom that I know that my kids deserve.

I'm trying to find confidence in the victories that I have made, like making it to the gym, or going for a walk, or even staying sugar free.
But I'm totally discouraged by how much less I can get accomplished with another body in the house!

At least the newest body is cute.


kristi said...

I feel your pain but I only have 2 kids! I sent my son the cards with the built in

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