Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But it's my birthday

So, I gave up sugar and white flour, at least until Easter.

And so far? I've done really well. I didn't even add in alternatives to sugar until about two weeks ago. And even now, it's not like I eat them every day.

The flour? Except for a one time oopsimstarvingijustateapieceofleftoverpizza mistake, I've been right on.

But I failed to take in to consideration that my birthday will happen this week. And my little guy will turn two just one day later.
So this begs the question. 
Do I allow myself a sweet treat on my birthday?

You see, the whole reason that I did this was to prove to myself that I was the one with the control, not the food. And "they" always say that once you don't eat sugar you don't crave it anymore. Well, "they" are big fat liars. I want sugar I have turned down cupcakes, and cookies, and ice cream, and muffins, and breads on so many occasions over the past couple of weeks. And I have never caved in (even when those Girl Scouts shove a box of cookies in my face on every grocery store visit).

So have I proven my self control enough to indulge?

Or would you consider it cheating?


Amanda said...

I think only you can make that decision, you know? I wish I could just say "go for it!" but it's your call.

Clydesdale Jogger said...

Would I call it cheating? My answer is an emphatic no. Not because I want you to give yourself permission to indulge on your and your son's birthday, but because I don't see that there are rules to cheat. To think of it as "cheating" only sets you up for disaster.

As my wife told me once (ok, more than once [ok, much much more than once]) "Stop shoulding on yourself" when I was in a food induced shame spiral.

So, to paraphrase Yoda, do or don't do, there is no cheat. We are here to encourage you to stay on goal, even when that goal takes a side road for a bit.

oh_mg said...

You said "have I proven my self control enough to indulge?"

The only one you have to prove your self control to is yourself. If you feel satisfied with how you've done, then your decision seems to be already made.

Personally, I find abstaining/restriction challenges very tough, because I never want something so bad as in the moment when someone tells me I can't have it (even if that someone is myself). I'm an everything-in-moderation supporter. :)

M said...

Everything in moderation. A cupcake, sure. Maybe just don't make a whole big cake so you go tumbling off the healthy eating wagon. But life is too short to deny ourselves of treats occasionally!

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