Monday, September 16, 2013

Goals and Positive self talk

After my super downer last post, I decided something needed to change. 

So I'm pulling on my big girl panties and sucking it up.

I set some goals for myself and wrote them out, front and center, so that I see them every morning and can stay focused and on track. I made them small and attainable so that I'm not overwhelmed, and I will feel accomplished and encouraged when they are met. (I may or may not have stepped on the scale this morning and seen a number that surpassed my first goal. But according to my husband it doesn't count unless that same number shows up on the scale on Sunday as well.)

And I decided to write myself some love notes. On my mirror. So that I see more than my reflection.

I decided to start with "You are worthy." Because I do believe that I am worthy of so much more than I am right now. I am worthy of so much more love than I give myself, and I am worthy of a much healthier, happier life.

On my other mirror it says "made for more". God created me for more than this. I know that. I just need to remind myself of it often, because it is so easy to fall back in to the trap of feeling sorry for myself.

I'll update soon, because I'm sure I'll want to shout to the world when I can cross these goals off of my list. And I really think that changing them every week is going to be a big motivation for me. Rethinking my plan each week will really help me to stay focused this time. (at least that's my hope.)


Adrienne said...

Love this idea! So proud of you. Keep it up.

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