Sunday, May 1, 2011

A long way to go

The Joggermom marathon is in full swing. It is almost halfway through the month, which means that theoretically, I should be half way through the mileage.
Um, I'm not.
I did add to my total today with a walk/run (notice that I put walk first) while pushing both boys in the jogging stroller. But oh-my-gosh those boys are heavy! I'm guessing all together with children and stroller I was pushing about 80 pounds. Uphill. both ways. in the snow. barefoot.
Could I complain any more? (yes, probably. But I'll save you the drama.)
Anyway, I logged another 3.6 miles this morning to make my grand total... 8.7miles.
Totally not half way.
I guess I have some catching up to do!
Because today I got an email saying they added a new prize.
A Mountain Buggy stroller.

Mountain Buggy Terrain-All NEW running stroller

And while it won't work for me, because of the whole thing about me having more than one kid that still needs the stroller, I kind of want to win it anyway.
To sell so that I can buy an iMac bless someone else.

17.5 miles left!!


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