Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was just blog hopping again, because my mind is pretty much mush these days, and I made a comment on somebody's blog that made me think.
I am SO inconsistent.

I used to be pretty good about having the same workout schedule every week.
Even the 2 year old knew what to expect.
But lately I've had a really hard time being consistent with anything.

I haven't been squeezing in my Sunday afternoon runs.
I haven't been diligent about my Thursday night class at the gym.
I skipped they gym on Tuesday this week because I'm still traumatized by last weeks events.
My diet has been anything but consistent.
I haven't even tracked my mileage (if there was any) on dailymile like I had been doing.

I feel like I fell off the train and it is going by me so fast that I don't know how to jump back on!!!

I am so good at making excuses about why I am making bad choices.
And let's face it, that's all they are.
Bad choices.
I need to get better at making good choices and worse at making good excuses.


FatAngryBlog said...

I think maybe sometimes we just get bored with what we've been doing and that can knock us off-track.

Mike said...

I struggle with the same thing. Tonight it was going to the pool (for the first time in 4 weeks). I procrastinated, made excuses, talked myself out of it, but went anyway. At the start of the first lap, I had a huge sense of accomplishment and calm.

I'm no expert, but from personal experience I recommend doing something if you have a workout scheduled and if can't do your planned workout, don't worry about it. Some workout is better than nothing.

Kimberlynn said...

You're not alone Kendra. We all have times like this. The last time I was going through this I decided to set an ambitious walking goal. Believe worked!!!

Sarah Williams said...

Your not alone, I am ready to write a blog similar to this, no more excuses I have derailed point blank and it's time to get back on that train and focus. It happens, we are not perfect, we are humans, we will make mistakes but its owning up to them and changing our ways is what makes us better.

Nancy M said...

But you're doing a 5K this weekend...and that can be the beginning of consistency! :) Being a mom of 4 (or 3!) makes it difficult to be consistent in many things. Just press 'restart'.

By the way, I am so glad you posted that blog entry a few days ago from the girl running a half marathon this weekend. She described perfectly what I'm feeling about this 10K on Sunday. I'm so afraid of failure, but hey--a year ago I would have never even attempted 6 miles!

Colleen said...

Your husband wrote such a great post about your goal in May! So glad that he linked to your blog! :)

You know... we all kind of get in funks. as long as you recognize it and make the appropriate changes... how ever long that takes, that's all that matters!

Adrienne said...

You are more consistent than you think. & the only advice I can give you if I know any.. is don't give up, no matter what surprise or life comes your way :)

kristi said...

I work out outside and when it is cold or rainy, I can't work out. I was so glad it was sunny today!

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