Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just like that

It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to baby #4.
But just like that, baby girl is now one month old.

It feels like yesterday that I promised to come back and blog more about my life and my journey.
And just like that, it's been over a week and I've posted nothing.

And two weeks ago I stepped on the scale and saw that I had lost about 15 pounds of my pregnancy weight. Yay!
Today, I stepped on the scale to find out that I GAINED 4 of those pounds back. Just like that.

How is it that time goes by so stinking fast? I feel like everything is a blur and I can't focus on anything right now. It's super frustrating. My life has resorted to lists. If it isn't written down it isn't getting done.

And I just feel like I'm buried right now.
Under responsibility.
Excess weight.

I would love to snap my fingers and have some of the burden lifted. 
Just like that.


kristi said...

4 go girl. Not for me, I stopped at 2!! Baby girl is a doll!

Valerie (seattlerunnergirl) said...

Boy do I ever relate to this. My little girl is 4 months old. I JUST this week went back to the gym for my first real workout. And ditto on losing a TON of weight quickly, and then gaining some of it back. Hang in there, know that living and loving your little one is more important than all of it, but know that we're here for you when you make it back!

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