Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crossfit: Is it for you?

I know that there is a huge debate about Crossfit.

Some people are like "people get really hurt and they have kidney failure and muscle breakdown, and it's really not a sport, it's just working out."

And other people are like "Crossfit is the best thing that ever happened to anyone. I drink the juice and I think that I am superior because I can do every workout as prescribed and do it faster than any one else on the planet."

And then there are people that are in between those two. People like me. That haven't seen incredible results, despite over a year of trying. But continue to go back each and every day just because they like it.

So you might be asking yourself if you think it's your "cup of tea", and the answer is, you're the only one that can answer that question. But let me tell you why I like it. And maybe it will help you decide if its for you.

1. People tell me what to do. Don't get me wrong. I'm not the type that likes to be bossed around. And my Husband can attest to the fact that my brain automatically turns off when I get told that I need to do anything. But at Crossfit? I love the fact that my workout has been decided for me. I am told what exercises to do to warm up. How to perform the exercise properly. And often times yelled at during the workout because I'm not pushing myself to my full capabilities. These are all luxuries that I wouldn't otherwise have. Luxuries that usually come in the form of a personal trainer. Which brings me to my next point.

2. You basically have a personal trainer. Like I said, the coach tells you how to do each exercise and which exercises to perform. And when I had an injury? The coach came up with a personalized plan, just for me, so that I could continue to work out and keep my endurance up for my upcoming half marathon.

3. Everyone can do it. There are videos on line of people doing Crossfit and performing all kinds of crazy, out of this world stuff. But every single move is scalable to a level that anyone can perform. So you don't have to worry if the person next to you is lifting 5000 pounds if all that you can lift is 25. Do the workout that way. And some day you'll be lifting 5000 pounds too.

4. You are good at something. I am not an endurance athlete. Yes, I have completed three half marathons, but all very slowly. Body weight exercises? Not my strength. This is a lot of weight to lift up over a pull up bar, yo. But weight lifting? I can hold my own. Turns out I'm pretty strong. And the great thing about that is that some work outs pair something I'm really good at with something I'm really bad at, so while I'm out sucking at the run, I can be confident that when I come back in to the gym to lift heavy things, I'm going to rock it.

5. You are not alone. Maybe working out alone is your thing. I envy you. I like being around other people or I get crazy bored. Trust me, I get super mad that I'm last, like, all the time. But it's totally better than being by myself.

6. Muscles. Have you seen crossfitters? They are rad. Muscles everywhere. I, personally, would love to have that many muscles. I will never be a little girl. I am not built to be small, nor do I want to be. I have seen a lot of changes in my body as far as muscle tone and shape that I don't think I would see with any other form of exercise. So muscles. Yes. (p.s. totally not me, though I wish it was.)


7. One hour. I am a busy mom. BUSY. So fitting as much work as I can in to one hour is a big deal. And I feel like Crossfit does that for me. And I'm pretty sure my Husband feels the same way. Both of us have run half marathons without running hundreds of miles before hand. The whole premise behind Crossfit is functional fitness. Being fit enough to do anything at any time. And to be able to train for that in one hour a day? Sold.

see? two half marathons. only crossfit.

These are only the reasons that I, personally, like Crossfit. Yes, it's expensive. And yes, it is sometimes a chore to make it to the assigned class time. But you get way more than you pay for.

Try it out.

See if you like it.

You might find that you are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for.

Just let me know how it goes...


Adrienne said...

I've been interested in Crossfit. I tried one Crossfit class a few years ago and I COULD NOT WALK FOR DAYS. Which totally turned me off. LOL but I may try it out :)

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