Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Record...

For the Record, cookie dough totally counts. Bummer.

And the second thing is, we went to Husbands holiday party on Saturday night, and I actually felt pretty. As in, look in the mirror and actually like the reflection, pretty. I found an AMAZING pair of pumps (on super sale) that I can totally wear again with jeans and a cute sweater. And I kind of stole a flower from somebody's hair at my daughters Christmas concert earlier that day, which I totally rocked.

The picture doesn't do my memories any justice, so I'll just go by what I remember.

Aren't we handsome?

Do you have any holiday parties in the works?


Kimberlynn said...

You look gorgeous Kendra!!! Sorry to hear about the cookie dough...I wonder if it will be "free" in heaven?

Stacy said...

You look beautiful and so happy too :)

We don't have any parties for work. My DH is a nurse so they usually have a grazing type thing at work so the people who are working can participate too. We just have family stuff.

(on an offnote, does anybody else ever wonder WTH they get the word verifications from. Mine is bitatess...)

Adrienne said...

You look amazing!! Totally cute dress and shoes, and flower!!! Your legs look good!!! He's a lucky guy ;)
ps run a 10K! I am super slow. 13-14 min miles!!

Rachel said...

You look so pretty! And those shoes are HAWT, my friend!! :)

I've got my party on Saturday night. Just found out it's semi-formal and I literally have nothin' to wear. And little to no money to go get something. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Living a Changed Life said...

You are beautiful!! So glad you posted this picture! Thanks for sharing!

Raegun said...

Gooorgeous, dahling! I love that dress. I have a few holiday parties on the horizon, but most are pretty low-key. My office party is a daytime affair and the family/friend parties are all casual. I want an excuse to dress up! ;)

Weightless said...

You look great :) The only holiday "parties" we really do are family gathering/gift exchanges, pretty low key. One is this weekend, which is my reason for going down to LA.

Teresa Mof said...

Love love the dress :-) you look fantastic!

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