Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The eyes of a child

On a side note, I did my first spin class this morning, and I don't know how much longer I will be ambulatory. Wow.

Now to the story.
I took my brood to the grocery store yesterday. Both boys were in the cart (my store has double wides. love.), and the *almost* four year old was walking next to me.

We turned down an aisle, and coming in the opposite direction was a very large lady. She was so large she was using the cart as support as she walked.

Because four year olds do not have filters, the following happened.

Four year old : "Mommy, she's a real fat mommy. Not like you, you're a regular mommy. She's a fat mommy."

Me (out loud) : " Four year old, we do not talk about people that way. God makes people in all different shapes and sizes, and it is not kind to call people fat. We always like to use kind words when we talk about people. Do you understand?"

Four year old : "Yes, mommy. I'm sorry."

Me (inside my head) : "I'm totally not the fat mommy! I'm a regular mommy!"

I know. Totally inappropriate to rejoice at that time, but to be honest, after being mortified that she said what she did OUT LOUD, my next thought was all about me.

Because one of the things that I've wanted since we started having kids was to not be the fat mom. I didn't want my kids to be embarrassed of me because of my weight. I know that kids are embarrassed enough of their parents without having that thrown in to the mix.

So I'm proud to be setting an example to them. That even if I'm not the skinny mommy, that I'm doing the right thing. I exercise. I try to make good food choices. And they are watching. And noticing.

And I'm not the fat mommy!!!


Adrienne said...

That's so hilarious!! And sad for that lady... but so happy for you! Kids don't know what not to say.. I dread that day when my kids say something.. Shane has already said, "Mommy it's Santa!" about a LADY and an old man in red. LOL I know your kids are proud of you!

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