Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas List

Because it's almost Christmas, I thought I would share a couple of things on my list this year. Husband and I won't really be exchanging gifts, because we've both recently received some high ticket items that we've been coveting. But it's nice to dream...

The first thing on my list is some serious motivation. Not something that can be given, I know, but I'm having a serious issue right now. We've talked about how this is my comfort zone. I need a serious slap in the face to get out. So, slaps welcome here. (by the way, don't do a search for motivational pics... some of them border on pornography. Thus I bring you an image free post.. again.)

Now, the fun stuff.

Bondi bands - I have some kind of funky, curly, frizzy situation going on with my hair that is only exacerbated by sweat. The headbands that I currently use do not stay in while running, nor do they effectively hold hair in place for a long period of time. I've heard amazing thing about Bondi bands, so while I have never tried them myself, anything is an improvement on what I currently use.

Road ID - After running my 10K, I have this weird urge to start running longer distances. ( Who is the person that is writing this? ) I would feel more comfortable with something stating who I am, just in case something were to happen. What can I say, I work in an ER. I see bad things happen every day.

Some kind of armband for my iPod - Right now, I hold my iPod in my hand. Convenient to push the button if I want to hear how long I've been running, or what it thinks my pace is, but inconvenient in every other way. And it gets all gross and sweaty. Yuck.

New running shoes - I really need to go the local running store and get properly fitted for running shoes. I never did this the first time, because I didn't have enough faith in myself to really believe that I would do this and stick to it. But now that I kind of like running, I should probably do the right thing. Don't you think?

iTunes gift card - after my recent song shopping extravaganza, I realized how inspiring a new playlist can be. Maybe I should do that more often.

What's on your Christmas list this year?


Adrienne said...

Awe how fun. I hope you get some of those things!! And that reminds me that I need some of that stuff too! :) Road ID? Never heard of it. Good idea! PS your amazing to work in an ER. Seriously.

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