Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saving Grace

I mentioned on Sunday that my saving grace over Thanksgiving week was my run on Thursday morning. Let me tell you about it, cause I know you care.

We have a lake by our house that has a trail around it that is 1.1 miles. Super convenient to know the distance and not have to figure it out using mapmyrun or some other craziness.

I left the house with the intention of running it at least three times. To complete a 5K, since the Turkey Trot in South County was not an option for me this year (it was at 9am. crazy. most runs are earlier). I decided that I was going to beat my previous 5K time, even if I had to run until I threw up.

So I got there and it was like 10 thousand degrees below normal here in sunny So Cal. And this spoiled little girl was totally not used to it. So I was trying to talk myself in to maybe only 2 laps, because it was so. stinking. cold.

I started running, and before I knew it, I had finished the first lap. I had walked a little bit in the beginning to warm up, but I had finished a whole 1.1 miles, without even noticing!! I continued to run for a while longer until all of a sudden, I was walking. I really don't know how it happened, but I was walking. As soon as my brain decided to catch up with my body, I started running again. 

Another lap down. And then this crazy thing happened, and I just kept going. I would take a couple of short walk breaks here and there (because my heart rate monitor told me that my heart rate was above 200, and really, that's just too fast), but for the most part, I ran as much as I could.

The next thing I knew, I looked down at my iPod, and it said 4.4 miles!! I went around four times in 56 minutes!! I knew in my head that it was totally a record for me.

I could have stopped there, but I wasn't ready yet. I was kidless, and alone, with only my music to listen to, and it was A.MA.ZING. I turned the iPod to some worship music and walked one more lap. I spent time with Jesus and thanked Him, and praised Him, and lifted my voice in worship (in my head at least).

It was the perfect end to a milestone run. 5.5 miles. Maybe I didn't run all of it. Maybe I could have pushed myself further. All I know is that it felt so good. And I am totally proud.


Kimberlynn said...

That IS awesome Kendra!!! It's moments like these that make it all worth it, huh? I've had a couple of good moments like that lately too. Feels soooo good!!!

Hey, thanks for your incredibly kind words on my blog tonight. You're a real sweetheart.

Weightless said...

The run sounds AMAZING! Great job, I'm so proud and happy for you!

I know you're in So Cal but I don't know where, would you be interested in running the Venice Santa Monica Christmas 5K or 10K on 12-11? I'm going to be doing it (maybe both) and so is Adrienne. It would be fun to actually meet if possible.

Rachel said...

Good for you, Kendra! I am so impressed with your dedication and perseverance. I'd love to know who's on your playlist. I need some good music to take my mind of the dang precore. :)

Adrienne said...

Awesome job!!! That sounds so fun. What lake?? & yes would love to meet you!

Kendra said...

Adrienne and Sara, I can't do the run this weekend, but would love to meet up for one in the future! That would be so fun!
And Adrienne, it's just a little lake in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Weightless said...

Someday sounds good too ;-) Especially since now I can't run this weekend either. I usually go to So Cal a couple times a year. It's not often but I do go. My hubbies' family lives down there. =)

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