Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have an issue.
Well, lots of them actually, but one specific that I'm willing to admit and ask for help with.

I have an issue with too much food.
And I'm not just talking about eating too much of it.
I'm talking about ordering too much of it.
Supplying too much of it.
Baking too much of it.

We had Wesley's one year birthday party this past weekend. 
There were 58 people on the list to attend.
So we ordered 10 pizzas.
Costco pizzas.
Gigantic pizzas.
Huge miscalculation on our part.

And as far as cupcakes are concerned, well I couldn't stop at 48, because then, if everyone were to actually show up (which we know never happens) then there wouldn't be enough for everyone to have one.
So we baked 72.
And then people couldn't make it.
And some people don't eat cupcakes.

So I was left with 7 pizzas and about 40 cupcakes.
Too. Much. Food.

I am always worried when I have a party that there won't be enough food.
That I will run out of something.
That people will have to do with only one serving. GASP.

So I guess my question is, what do you do when you have a party? Do you oversupply? Or do you just not worry if you run out of something?

And why do I have such a big issue with it? It's not like I was starved as a young child or anything. Obviously.


Chubby McGee said...

OMG! I'm the same way! My mom used to throw the most AMAZING parties and we'd always have TONS of food leftover and I do it now, too. One time, I remember she threw a party for my grandmother and there were about 75+ people there. She ordered boxes upon boxes of Swiss Colony petit-fours (we're talking hundreds of them!...and I never knew how much it cost until I grew up and wanted to order some for something I was having). Luckily, we had an extra fridge in the basement. But...yea...she was always worried about making sure everyone had PLENTY to eat and I'm the same way today. I get panicky when we have to go to a function at the in-laws (they are not this way...and I often...always...leave the place hungry because there wasn't enough food for everyone). They often don't tell me how many people will be there and I always want to make sure there's double or triple the amount of servings so everyone can enjoy thoroughly. I'd rather have more leftover foods than to have people leave and have to hit up a fast food place on the way home.

Adrienne said...

Miss you!! I totally always over order or make food. Always.

FatAngryBlog said...

I oversupply too!

At Baby Girl's first birthday I had a brick of cheese, 3/4 of a cake, a bag of nacho chips, two boxes of crackers, fruit, veggies, some pepperoni sticks and I forget what else left over.

kristi said...

Wow that is a crazy amount of food left over!! Normally I send it home with guests.

Rachel said...

Well, first, didn't you have quite a few no-shows? It didn't seem like there were 58 people there. You can't blame yourself for left over food from no-shows.

Second, I've found when planning kids parties, it helps if I count adults and kids separately for food. Most likely, a kid isn't going to eat the same amount of food as an adult. An adult might have 2-3 pieces of pizza but most kids are going to only have 1. But everyone needs a cupcake so I don't know how else you could have done that.

Either way it was a great party and everyone had a fun time!!

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