Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is what happens

I woke up this morning with absolutely no motivation to go to the gym.
Yes, this has been my norm, but it was magnified like 20 times today.
Mallory is home from school, and I didn't really want to pay the extra $3 to put her in the childcare, and it would have been super fun to have the time to just play with the kids. All of them. Plus,  she was really excited about being home with mommy today.

But I went to the gym anyway, because I've been feeling super guilty about my total lack of motivation lately.

I paid my $9, put the kids in the childcare, and went in to my BodyPump class.

Of course, about 20 minutes in, they came to get me to change a diaper. Of course.

So I grabbed my bag and went in to the bathroom in the KidZone to change said diaper.

I pulled down the changing table and threw my bag in the sink so that I wouldn't have to bend over while trying to hold tank baby on the table with one hand.
And then I heard the water running.
In the sink.
Where my bag was.
Which normally wouldn't be tragic, right?
Except that the only part of the bag that was filling with water?

The pocket that was holding my cell phone and iPod.
Of course.

I frantically tried to dry off my iPod and my cell phone while my baby lay naked on the changing table.

And then I decided that maybe I should put a diaper on him before he decided to make everything else wet too, if you catch my drift.

So I changed his diaper and continually tried to take my phone apart, because that's what I've heard you're supposed to do if it gets wet. 
Only it was wet. So it was slippery.

I finally got the phone taken apart, and broke the case off of the iPod so that it least it was as dry as possible.

And then I brought them home to this.

Which supposedly helps.

But if this is what happens when you try to boost your motivation and actually go to the gym? I'm out.


Chubby McGee said...

OMG! I hear you on this!!!! I struggle, daily, with my workouts because of taking care of the kids. They always have to poop at the wrong time...or...like the other day...they injure themselves while you're in the middle of a workout (blood everywhere). And, yea...sometimes...when you stop exercising (AKA "time for yourself") to tend to the kids, something ELSE happens (like the phone/iPod incident) and it completely destroys your desire to exercise.

Hang in there, baby! Hang in there!!!

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