Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turtle Style

So I realized the other day that it has been almost a year since I first started running using the C25K program.
I know because I've kind of restarted it, only this time, I'm using it to increase my speed.
I know it sounds crazy, but I have got to do something to speed up.
Because I'm so stinking slow when I run.
Yes, I have had a couple of 11 minute miles. But even that is super slow for some most people.
My average pace is somewhere between 12 and 13 minutes/mile.
Too. Stinking. Slow.
And I really don't know how to speed up.
My legs could totally go faster.
My lungs? Not so much.
I know that I'm totally the turtle. That yes, I finish the race.
But I'm sick of running turtle style.
I want to just run.


Weightless said...

Google speed work and see what drills cone up. As my weight came off my times have improved. I think most of the running game us mental and you really have to push yourself to be faster. I'm not fast but my goal was to have 10 minute miles. Before injury, I was there and I hope to be there again soon. I'm sure you can attain your running goals to if you set your mind to it.

Casey said...

Oh, I can so relate! I am so slow -when I did the c25K programm I was NOT doing a 5K in the time they gave me! Good idea about working on your speed this time around. I'll have to try that!

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

If speed is your goal, try running wind sprints at the local high school. It will force your legs to move faster and will give your lungs a workout too. Plus it is good HIIT, which will increase your calorie burn and shed weight faster. just my two sense.

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