Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I think that whatever happened in Vegas totally didn't stay in Vegas. 
It came home with me, and I'm afraid it will join me on the scale this week.


I normally don't drink, but for an occasional sip here or there, but I totally did the tourist thing and shared a yard long margarita with Husband Saturday night. And then there was the second margarita on Sunday afternoon. I would like to say that I feel really guilty about both of them. But I don't. I love me a margarita, and it's been a really long time since I had one. Or two.

I pretty much threw caution to the wind this weekend when it came to food choices. I know that I could have done better, but I enjoyed every single calorie and savored every bite.

Oh, the walking. I know for a fact that Sunday afternoon alone we put in at least 5 miles. After our trip to the gym on Sunday morning. So I know that I could have made better choices on what I put in to my mouth. But I also know that we could have gotten in our car and driven everywhere, and instead we walked.

I am in no way delusional enough to think that walking around Vegas is in any way going to negate the thousands of calories that I ingested this weekend. Nor am I trying to justify it.

But we had a great time in Vegas. 
Just Husband and me.
No children.
No schedule.

How do you do Vegas?


Anonymous said...

I have never been to Vegas, but I imagine it would be the same...

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