Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Size Does Matter

You always hear that size doesn't matter, but it totally does.

Take my three year old for example. She is almost four, but already wearing a size five in clothes. She is super tall, and I feel like because she is so big, the expectations are so high. People expect her to be as smart as a five year old, as articulate as a school age child, as mature as a kindergartener. And she isn't.

Another thing that she isn't ready for? The girls department. I mean really people, they are still little girls.


and this...

totally not appropriate.

I don't really have a lot of fashion opinions. But one that I do have, is just because they make it in  your size doesn't mean that you should wear it. Exhibit A, above.

However, I also feel that the opposite is true. Just because they don't make it in my size doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to wear it.

A couple of years ago, husband and I went skiing, and I had a really hard time finding a ski jacket that fit me. Even worse were the ski boots that I tried to fit over my calves. I can't possibly have the largest calves ever to have tried to fit in to a pair of ski boots. If I do, I want my name in the world record book.
But seriously, fat people ski too, darn it. 

And I feel like a lot of the plus size clothes are so matronly and old looking, that it's really hard to find stuff that is trendy, but still flattering. Old Navy is one of the only places that I can find stuff that fits, and even then, I have about twenty of the same top that I just rotate out with different jeans.

I know that it's my fault that I'm large. And I know that the fashion industry doesn't owe my anything, let alone cute clothes. But still...

Anyway, I'm not quite sure that this made any sense, but my point is...

you always hear that size doesn't matter, but it totally does.


Lanie Painie said...

You're right. Just finding something a solid color in big clothes is nearly impossible.

There are 2 4th graders in my kid's class who wear baggy jeans and 2 camis with a bra underneath EVERY DAY. They didn't dress up for Halloween party, they wore their regular clothes with chain belts. I wanted to say "Look! those 2 girls are wearing the cutest little whore costumes!" but I held back. Where the heck are their mothers?

Jayne Doe said...

I agree with your entire post!!!!!!!!!!!!

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