Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls on the Run

I grew up pretty much sedentary.

It wasn't until high school that I started to take tumbling and dance classes. And even then, I was already overweight, so I was hindered in a lot of ways.

I came across this program the other day that I think I love.
I wish that it was around when I was younger.
It is an amazing way to instill self confidence in young girls.
To get them active and teach them discipline.
To make them proud of what they can do with a little bit of hard work.
To encourage a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

I want to be more in shape so that I can start a location in Orange County.
I want my daughter and her friends to grow up with this opportunity.
I want to be able to stand up as a role model.

It's called Girls on the Run.
And I kind of think it rocks.


Weightless said...

Kendra - thank you for sharing that link. I'm totally interested in it for my daughter and will be looking into it more.

AND I think if you're interested in starting a local chapter you do not have to WAIT until you're at goal. We are all works in progress and can be great role models for our children.

Erica Marie said...

This is an amazing thing!! I think I love it too! wow, I wish I could have gotten into something like this at a young age overweight or not.. especially for my desire to be able to RUN for FUN! I think opening up a chapter in my area, when I reach my goal of loving to run would be a fun goal to set for myself. Thanks for sharing this!! I truly appreciate it!

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