Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Award

So I was given another blog award from Fat, Angry Blog.  Thank you! And by the way, her post today is super honest and a little bit personal, so send her some love, would you?

Anyway, I guess that I am supposed to say seven things about myself and then award some 15 more people with the award. I'm feeling selfish today, so I'll just talk about myself. Kay? Thanks.

1. I Hate soup. Yes it is capitalized. I do not enjoy eating soup. It drips off of my spoon and burns my tongue, and I don't understand why anybody enjoys the stuff. There are few exceptions to this rule. And don't even try to sell me on your soup unless its creamy. The brothy kinds are gross.

2. I have been known to shower multiple times in one day for no reason. I love me a good shower with hot, hot water. I do not enjoy taking baths. They are boring.

3. I am not patient enough with my kids and my expectations of them are way too high. These two qualities lead to my already low self esteem, and often send me in to periods of self-loathing.

4. I do not wear heels. I prefer flats, or even better, flip flops. I can not wait until the weather warms up so that I can pull out my crusty old flip flops once again. But first, a pedicure.

5. I want more kids. No secret here. Lately, however, I've been having dreams and strange encounters that suggest twins. And that is not okay with me. So I am praying that it is all in my head, and that one more baby will join our family soon.

6. (see #5) I am torn between having another baby now, and waiting until I shed a few more pounds. My others are pretty evenly spaced, and I would hate to have an odd man (or girl) out, considering I was the outcast for pretty much all of my life.

7. I kind of have a thing for Air Supply. That's okay, you can make fun all you want. I know that it's ridiculous. But turn on the tunes and I could get lost for hours.

Am I horrible for not passing the award on to other bloggers? Probably so.
But here's some fun stuff I've been reading lately...

Adrienne and her crazy 2011 race schedule.

Keelie is always awesome. I am kind of intrigued by her First Place 4 Health program, but am totally too chicken to give it a try.

Inspiring Katie has something up her sleeve. Join in the pink swap!!

And Kenz always has something fun to say, even if it's just hello!

I have about 700 or so blog posts in my reader, so if I didn't mention you it's probably because I haven't been keeping up on blog-reading. I'll get there soon!

Have a fantastic weekend! Let's hope for better results on the scale this week, or it's possible that I will self destruct.


Adrienne said...

Awe Kendra! Your soo sweet. Thanks for the shout out! BTW I think we are too much alike and too good of blogger friends now to not be friends on FB or Twitter. Are you on there?

Finding The Thin Within said...

Thanks for the award girl! And I say go for it...have the baby now! Even losing weight doesn't compare to the miracle of giving life to someone =)

Raegun said...

Congrats on the award - well deserved! :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on the award !

I am also thinking about having another baby.. SHHH it is a secret here! haha We'll see what happens!

Have a super weekend :)

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