Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Negative Nancy

I went in to Saturday's weigh in feeling optimistic.

Surely, after all of the work that I put in this week, I would lose at least 2 pounds.

I mean, I burned 3600 calories in exercise alone! That right there is one pound.

Then, if you add in the calorie deficit caused by eating vegan all week, I'm sure that would equal at least another pound.


1.4. One point four pounds lost.

I keep wondering if I'm negative about everything to protect myself. Because negative me wouldn't have even expected a 1.4 loss. And then I would have been pleasantly surprised.

But no, I had to go get all optimistic and stuff. Thus only being disappointed and discouraged.

Negativity is the way to go, people.

You can just call me Negative Nancy from now on.

Cause disappointment sucks.

PS. I'm so negative right now I don't even care that this is my 100th post.


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Aww, try not to be so hard on yourself. A 1.4 loss is fantastic. It may show up at next weigh in. Maybe you were retaining some water.
chin up!!

Nancy m said...

That was kind of weird seeing my name in your title! :) I am only losing about .6 each week right now so 1.4 sounds good! But I know how it is to expect more and not get it. It's hard. I have noticed a big difference in how my clothes fit so that is helping me stay focused. Hang I there. I wish this journey was easier than it is.

Adrienne said...

keep your head up girl. I would take a -1.4 any week.

Finding The Thin Within said...

Think about it this way...years from now, when you have long since reached your goal weight, will you care how long it took you to get there? Nope, you won't. What will matter is that you DID get there. 1.4 pounds is good, Kendra. Celebrate because you are getting there =)

<3 Katie

kristi said...

I understand this. Totally.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

As I was reading this all I could think about was my wife. I want you to keep in mind how your lows effect your husband. I hope he is a little more patient than I am and I hope you are a little more understanding than my wife.

Not everything happens on your time line. As the title of your blog say--slow and steady.

Just remember your attitude effects others. Do you make them smile or do you frustrate them?

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