Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I've Learned

I'm no expert, obviously. Just a girl trying to shed some pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. But I have learned some things along the way that you might already know, and if you do, thanks for listening anyway. You're making me feel smart.

1. Running the same route every day doesn't do me any favors. I run the same route every day, with few exceptions, with the same music, at the same time, in the same clothes (just kidding). And I noticed today when I was asked to run somewhere else, that I don't like it. I don't like not knowing where I will go, how long it will take, how many hills there are. I was even kind of whiney about about the whole thing (imagine me, whining). I didn't have my music, and I was running with other people around me, so I kind of felt threatened by pace. Note to self... change up the running thing. Run new places, maybe find a running buddy. Change it up.

2. You can not freeze a banana in its peel. Well, you can, but then you can't get the peel off. And don't even try to defrost it, because it gets super mushy and liquidy and makes a big gross mess all over the place. Not like I tried it or anything.

3. I am a carnivore. I like meat. Lots of it. I have been trying a mostly vegan diet the last couple of days to break past this crazy long plateau (that I'm encountering because I can't stop shoving food down my throat), and I miss meat. It's crazy that I'm actually craving the stuff. And I totally thought that I wouldn't be getting my protein in, but oddly enough I am! Sparkpeople breaks down the nutrients that you are getting in your food and runs a little report at the end of the day. Here is mine for the other day when I religiously tracked my food intake, including all nutrition information, not just calories. 

I got enough of everything, was just 3 grams short on protein. I think that's pretty good without any kind of animal protein or dairy! But no, I am not going vegan. I can't wait for my next cheeseburger (see above shoveling food in my face).

What things have you learned on your journey?


FatAngryBlog said...

I freeze bananas in the peel but it is a process to get them out again!

Stacy said...

I learned the banana lesson the hard way :)

You're on Sparkpeople too. I love that site. It's so great. The people are always so upbeat and positive. I love the trackers too. I just put in a recipe for what I was making for dinner so I could track it. Very easy.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

An unsolicited suggestion to help you break your plateau: up your protein to 120+ grams/day. Even better, compose all of your meals from protein, veggies, and legumes. Give up starches and sugar for one week and see what happens. Start by revamping your breakfast - 20+ grams of protein w/in 30 minutes of waking up.

Just my $.02, and keep up the good fight no matter what you choose!

Lanie Painie said...

Look at that, we DO learn something new every day!

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