Saturday, February 5, 2011


Who works out 5 days a week and burns almost a pound worth of calories? Oh, that's right, me.

Who counts calories and doesn't go over 1800 calories a day, even on her worst day? That's me too.

Who GAINS 2.4 pounds in this same week? Me.



seattlerunnergirl said...

Boo. I don't like weeks (or months) like that. Are you eating mostly good stuff with that 1800 calories/day? Lots of protein and healthy fats? Easy on the carbs? How about weight training?

No matter what...hang in there. And sorry it's a poo week like that.

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Bummer, don't give up, the loss will catch up.

Farrah said...

Have you read an article called "Why the Scale Lies?"

Google it. It may make you feel better :)

PS- Thanks for the photo text advice...I actually found out how to do it last night and experimented a bit :)

Adrienne said...

Kendra, I'm so sorry your week was a bust. And that you are working so hard and not seeing the results. Here are a few basic questions to ask your self when you see a gain.
1. Are you constipated?
2. Period?
3. BLT's?
4. And....ARE YOU PREGNANT??? :)
Keep working. No matter what the scale says, it's good for your health what you are doing.
PS Measure yourself. :)
Love ya!

kristi said...

Yeah I have a gain too. Gotta get back on track but I think it's sodium..ugh.

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