Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is my blog

This is my blog. My place to say what I want. 

Read, or don't read.

I started it as a way to keep myself accountable. To journal how I was feeling.

And yes, there are times when I'm not always happy. 

And there are times when I'm discouraged and disappointed and frustrated.

I have every right to feel that way.

I recently got a comment that is kind of making my head spin.

This blog is about MY weight loss journey, and how I'M feeling about where I am (with my weight loss).

Just because I complain about not losing weight, or not running fast enough, or not being happy with the way that I look does not mean that I am not grateful for all of the blessings in my life. 

I know that my attitude effects the people around me. Which is why I thank God every day for a husband who is so completely encouraging and supportive.

A husband who tells me how proud he is of me 

And yes, I'm sure that I frustrate him, but I know that I also make him smile.

Just like he frustrates me, and also makes me smile. Because we are doing this thing together.

He is on this journey with me, 100%. He lifts me up when I am discouraged and celebrates with me when it is well deserved (and sometimes even when its not).

So yes, I complain on my blog. And probably a little bit too much. But that does not mean that I am unhappy in life.

Just unhappy in the weight loss world.


Adrienne said...

A blog is a a personal possession and you can use it as you please to express your emotions! Writing about them makes you feel better. Don't let some nutter butter get you down. xoxo

Shannie (akaSolidice242) said...

Well Said!

Clydesdale Jogger said...

You do not complain too much on your blog. How can you? It's your blog. And, having read your blog for awhile now, you never complain without also sharing some insight that is born out of your pain or a chuckle at your frustration.

I can only say that holding in my inner crazy so as to not frustrate those around me is what got me into this weight gain in the first place (or, at least it was a huge contributing factor). What I've learned is holding it in hurts my loved ones more because they can see where I am hurting the most anyway.

I'm gonna stop there because I think I found the comment to which you refer and I'm getting riled up. Anything else I'd say would be toward that commenter and it wouldn't be productive. It is obvious that you feel blessed to have a spouse so supportive and that is all that really matters.

Peace to you, Kendra.

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