Thursday, February 24, 2011


There have been no victories on the scale for me lately, so I've had to find success in other areas.

Like the fact that I can finally do 10 burpees without throwing up.

And the fact that the size 14 jeans that I recently bought are fitting just a little bit better. (read: I no longer have to squat to get them on, a simple wiggle will do)

People are commenting on how much more weight I've lost. Which, by the way, how do I respond? 
"I actually haven't lost any more, but thank you"? Or is a simple "thank you" enough?

And the fact that right now, as we speak, there is a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on our kitchen counter (from when I made these for a bunco party) and I'm actually thinking of not even eating one.

Oh, and Made to Crave ? Changing everything. Just so you know.


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

I think its great to look at other areas where you're also being successful. Way to go on the burpees, those are hard

Kelly said...

Heck ya! Celebrate every single NSV !!!

Nancy M said...

Love it! I had to look at other successes too since it's taken me 10 weeks to lose 5 pounds. I read in a book that we need to look at successes in our head and not just the scale (ie: the little decisions we make each day that are huge victories in changing our lifestyle). I have been trying to do that. So glad you're liking made to made so much sense to me too. She's a great writer.

P.s. I got my 25 pound award at WW this week! Finally!

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