Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Knew?

We went to a super fun Karaoke party this weekend and let's just say that I over-indulged.

I drank (almost) a whole pitcher of sangria, and after it was gone, I decided I would just whip up some more. In my glass. By mixing red wine and sprite. Apparently that is not how sangria is made. Who knew?

These lovely little snacks were found in not just one, but two locations at the party. Yes, they make candy corn for Valentine's Day. Who knew?

sorry that the pic is kind of blurry, it was taken on a cell phone

Bootcamp is doing some serious butt kicking. However, I have noticed a very unfortunate decline in the amount of calories I burn doing the same activities that I have always done. So apparently, being more fit means you have to work harder at the same thing to get the same results. Who knew? (ok, this one I actually knew, but it sucks, and I wanted to complain about it without really complaining, so here it is)


The Lazy Triathlete said...

I have one thing to add to your "Who knew" -- Who knew there were fun Karaoke Parties? :)

I am impressed by the Valentine's candy corn. That is a shock, but good marketing. Why only have it once a year.

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