Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off Topic

Totally off topic today. 

Today is opening day. The first day of baseball season. Which means that until October, there will be a lot of baseball talk around this house. A LOT. Husband can hardly wait to get home from work so that he can watch the game I taped. The 2 year old is already asking to go to a game with Daddy. It's going to be another long 7 months.

This guy?

So. Stinking. Yummy.
I am so in love with him. Every minute. Of every day.


Husband has been working SO hard around here lately. And yes, my family room pretty much always lives in a state of disaster. I'm trying to be over it.

And I would totally post a picture of the 2 year old in nothing but a diaper and flip flops with his goggles on and a toy power tool in his hand, but I'm not that mean. Just picture it in your head. Loving every minute of this kid thing. ( Except the 6am wake up thing. That's totally not working for me.)

And if you haven't checked out Husband yet as he tries to train for a triathlon in the middle of working full time, taking care of our family, and being just overall AMAZING, check him out.

That is all. 

Have a great weekend!


Adrienne said...

So glad to catch up on your blog. Good times. :) xoxo

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