Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Forward

I have heard so many complaints about the time change over the past couple of days.
Loving it.

  • The kids sleep in until at least 7, because the sun is not out yet. (And really, is sleeping in until 7 that much to ask anyway?)
  • I can shut the garage door from inside the car using the garage door opener instead of having to cast a shadow on the sensor by standing on the driveway. (I know, simple pleasures.)
  • I can run when Husband gets home.

The last one is the one I am most excited about.
No more crazy childcare fees at the gym every. single. day.
No more rushing around every morning in an effort to actually get to bootcamp on time.
Just me, and my music, and my running shoes.
Tonight's the night, friends.
When I will be reacquainted with good old running.
What a great day-before-my-birthday gift.


Adrienne said...

Happy early birthday and yay so excited for your run!! You will love every moment. xoxo

Anonymous said...

So, all I need to do is get home so you can run in the day light and your happy? Consider it done!!!!!!

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

Happy Birthday!

kristi said...

I just got my walk in at 7 PM...loving this time change too! I am not even getting home til almost 6 so after I eat I need to exercise!

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