Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Proud

I have an amazing Husband.
He works hard every day to provide for our family.
He gets out of bed early every day to work out and take care of himself.
And most recently, he decided he's going to do a triathlon.
I have never really had any desire to do one, so my knowledge of training, preparing, etc. is um, none.
So if you have been there, and done that, or are in the process of doing so, can you help a guy out?
He's pretty awesome.
And he could use your help.
Go visit him here.


Weightless said...

Best wishes to him! A triathlon is a fun goal to take on. I've only done one, it was challenging but I believe anyone can complete a tri with some training. My best advice is to get a good road or tri specific bike. Good luck to him!

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