Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missed Weigh In

I missed my weigh in this week.

So I have no new updates as far as official weight is concerned.

But I missed it because I was running a 5K, so I kind of think I deserve a free pass.

Husband signed us up for this 5K a long time ago, and the date snuck up on me so fast, I almost didn't remember!!

I was super tired from a really busy day at work on Friday, and the kids had spent the night at Grandma's house Friday night, so I really had tons of excuses to not get out of bed and go run. But I did it anyway.

And I am so glad that I did! I had tons of fun running, and ended up improving my 5K time by 7 minutes!! I don't have the official time back yet, but I don't really care at this point. I know that I made a huge improvement over my last 5K, and I actually really enjoyed myself. However, please don't get me wrong, I was still really slow. 

My next goal is to do some speed work and see if I can get to running a little bit faster. I just kind of feel like my workout schedule varies so much right now that it is hard to figure out a really good time schedule. Some days I get up early to run, sometimes I run/walk with the boys in the stroller, sometimes I do classes at the gym. I guess all that really matters is that I'm doing something!

Wanna see my pic from after the race?

Please don't laugh at my frizzy hair sticking out from behind the headband. It was totally drizzling.

Any ideas for speed work?


Weightless said...

You look GREAT! I always look so messy after a race, and you just look fabulous! So happy for you and your improvement.

I'd like to get in speed work too. It's really the only missing piece in my training.

At trainer at my gym suggested running bleachers, and doing interval training for speed work. Spring one lap at a local high school track, walk the next, repeat.

As you lose the weight and continue the running, your time will naturally increase too. Good job!

Rachel said...

You know I have no advice in the speed department. BUT, I just have to say that you are AWESOME!! So proud of you and your accomplishment!! Congrats!

Adrienne said...

Awesome job!! Great for you! 7 minuets is a lot of time off! I have no advice, as I am looking for some speed improvement as well, and oh yeah being able to just RUN the whole 5K!!

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