Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Weekend... In Numbers


The amount of pounds I lost this week. (I'm not surprised, I was pretty much a pig all week.) 
Also the amount of pounds I gained. (Yay!! Guess all of those activity points made up for something.)
And the number of Diet Coke's that I have consumed in um, thirteen days. But nobody is counting.


The number of points that I actually, physically wrote down on paper to track all my food this weekend. So much for that goal for the week.

Two Hundred Eleven.

My maximum heart rate during my workout this morning. Um, Yikes. No wonder why I can't breathe.

Five Hundred Eighty Three.

See how many calories you can burn when your heart rate is around two hundred? Impressive, I know. In only 32 minutes.

Ten Thousand.

The amount of times I had to tell a child "No" this weekend. That was fun.


Weightless said...

We all have good weeks and bad. The key to knowing where you messed up and getting back on track :) Maintaining is a good thing, much better than gaining ;-)

I tend to do better when I journal my food intake /calorie counting EXACTLY. Something about actually being accountable, it helps. ;-) But yeah... I don't do it as much anymore. I'm pretty sure this is my main excuse (other than the cost) for not doing WW. :X

Anonymous said...

I think your doing a great job....just keep pushing forward!

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