Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kidding Myself

I must be kidding myself.

Four days of tracking and exercising and doing all of the right things do not make up for a weekend worth of gluttony.

And that is what I feel like I've been doing. Watching carefully during the week, and running rampant on the weekends.

I do not deserve the one pound weight loss that I achieved this past week. It should have been a gain, or at the very least maintenance.

So today I will start following the Weight Watchers program as it is designed. To track EVERY day. Every bite, lick, taste, and splurge.

Because I really want to do this the right way, not just the way that works.

And eyes are watching. Little eyes. Two and Three year old eyes. 

And if I don't do it the right way, then I won't get to hear "Mommy, when I get big like you, I'm going to run all of the time too."

And then she will no longer inspire me. And right now, they are my inspiration. 

These guys.


Adrienne said...

omgosh your kids are soooo cute!!! :) Do you live near Disneyland? We were just there. I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU MEAN. For soooo long. Months... I did the same thing. That is why it's taken me over a year to lose the amount of weight i've lost.. and plus trails and things... but you will SEE MAJOR DIFFERENCE when you track all week and you know what?? It gets easier!! Since you aren't living two food lives anymore.. you don't want the bad stuff! It's great. Good decision! I am routing for you! And you run a lot right? How can you be the turtle if you are a runner?? HMMM??? lol :)

Kimberlynn said...

I don't go crazy with my eating ALL weekend but was letting myself have a free day on Saturday's. I could have what I wanted WITHOUT overeating. I'm now rethinking that little plan because truthfully I don't like any of the old junk I used to eat. It makes me feel yucky and tired. I think you've made the right choice to do the plan as intended. I'm right there with you girl!!!

Weightless said...

I agree with most of what you're thinking. EXCEPT any weight you've lost you've earned, even if it's only a pound. You put in the work to eat better and exercise you didn't accidentally lose anything.

Wanting to be healthier and more active for my girls keep me going forward. For the most part, I am good at eating the right thing, I don't do WW though. The best thing you can do is be the example you want your children to see. :-)

Kendra said...

I live in Orange County, so yes, close to Disneyland. And I'm the turtle because I'm a slow runner. Really slow. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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