Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Zoo

We went to the zoo today. I decided that it is good for a couple of things. 

1.) Making children very happy. Maybe not all children, but definitely this guy.

2.) Hill workouts. Maybe not all zoos, but the San Diego Zoo? Yes, thank you. Did I mention I was pushing a stroller? Right. So I was also pushing either 80 pounds or 30 pounds of weight up the hill, depending on which stroller I pushed. (Yes. We had two strollers. Three children do not fit in one double stroller. FYI)

3.) Scaring me in to not stepping on a scale. Because do I really want to be compared to a polar bear? No thanks. Did I step on the scale? Um, no.

Because I was totally expecting the scale to go all the way to where the black arrow is. I know the picture is small, but that says "Adult Female 660 pounds". I'm probably totally exaggerating, but how mortifying would that have been?

and ps.. my husband stepped on and said that it added about 100 lbs. I think that I might have had a nervous breakdown, had it been me.


Erica Marie said...

Well, glad the little ones had fun! (love the picture) & I love getting workouts by way of family outings!! It's both good for you & enjoyable win/win! Lol

I wouldn't have gotten on either :| Tears would have been inevitable in front of all the animals lmao.

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