Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We went shopping for a birthday gift this weekend. We sadly, did not find what we were looking for, but I did do some window shopping.

And this time I'm talking about more than shoes and purses.

I decided that when I can fit in to a size 10 dress, I will buy this.
Or this.
Or this.
And no. We are not rich. I dream big.
So until then,  I'll go back to Target and Old Navy. 

Anthropologie will wait.


Weightless said...

Those are so cute! Sometimes, it's nice to splurge for a reward when you've worked so hard to earn it. But... those are expensive and while, if a size 10 isn't your goal, then how long would you be able to wear them - and is the money well spent? We don't have anthropologie stores around here... maybe that's a good thing! LOL

Living a Changed Life said...

My favorite is the last one, Mullany Dress!

Finding The Thin Within said...

LOL - I have a whole list of what I want to buy when I get there!

Val said...

Those are gorgeous, but 'spensive! Sheesh! My husband would DIE if I spent $200 on a dress LOL

Anonymous said...

I know they are expensive. But it's nice to dream.

Rachel said...

Love the white w/ black polka dots!!

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